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With this Social Media Marketing Course Online, you will have a brief idea about social media marketing and some of the most important social media websites. There are a bunch of social networks, but only some of them will prove to be useful for your company. And that’s the reason you should only know about the most popular social networking sites, its features and offerings so that you could use it to reach potential customers and fire up your business.

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Social media affects modern businesses drastically. Living in the digital era, businesses must be aware that almost all of their potential customers are there on the internet. In this module of Social Media Marketing Course online, you’ll learn how businesses must use it as a powerful weapon to promote their business and increase brand awareness.

In this module, we will uncover the actual face of social media and the availability of types of social networks to digital marketers. This chapter also deals with mobile marketing. As soon as you know which social networks will work magic for your business, you can start promoting socially. We will cover some useful websites and its particular features that help you showcase the power of your business.

This module is about the most happening Social Media platform- Facebook. Facebook connects 1.8 billion people with each other and new things. Millions of businesses are using Facebook to know about new discoveries, boost sales, take the lead and to be the first preference in the mind of customers.

The visualisation makes marketing easier. From finding new customers, boosting conversions to ultimately increasing business revenue, techniques of modern Video Marketing work magic for businesses. This module will accustom you with YouTUbe marketing to help you kickstart your marketing.

Twitter is one of those platforms which are believed to help anyone achieve financial gals whenever they want. With the help of this module, you’ll have enhanced knowledge of Twitter, its functioning and how to market your business on Twitter.

In this module, you learn how LinkedIn has been quite a useful platform for a business to develop a trade relationship with another company. This form of marketing has been a proven method for top salespeople, recruiters and entrepreneurs to schedule appointments with the clients of their dreams for years and all they had to do is to leverage LinedIn.

After this module on Instagram marketing, you’ll be having a small dosage of important Instagram marketing techniques, you would be surprised by the results. We will be providing you with step-by-step tips and tricks to increase your followers and market your business on Instagram.

Pinterest is an amazing tool for selling the concept of “What you see is what you get” and this module teaches how exactly to do this. We will come across a step-by-step guide on how to use Pinterest for business.

This module will cover some of the most trending platforms – WhatsApp & Snapchat. At this very moment, you can generate really high targeted traffic for FREE or very little investment using Snapchat & WhatsApp. As compared to other social networks, Snapchat has a better quality of traffic and lack of current competition.

In this module, we will be sharing some important principles and strategies we have used to build highly converting ads for various social media platforms. Thus, you can enhance the reach, traffic and revenue of your business.

This module teaches about one of the most important things associated with Social Media-dealing with bad reviews and handling reputation online. It has never been easier. It’s an assurance to provide you with the most comprehensive course for fixing a person’s digital reputation. Fixing bad reviews increases 80% chances of increase in business.

In today’s world, not just brands and individuals but also businesses are attracting online attention and reaching new audiences only with the help of influencer marketing. This module is in charge of familiarizing you with the most effective ways in creating content and to reach out to work for your passion, business or branding efforts.

This module deals with how automation plays a vital role in social media marketing. Also, it shares the pros and cons of automation you must be aware of.

You must keep a track of the performance of your social accounts, and that’s why you must know about social analytics and its usage to increase your social performance. This module on Social Media Analytics does exactly that.

This module is a how-to guide on creating and implementing social media strategy so that it boosts the performance of social media accounts. Also, it has recommendations on do’s and dont’s on social media and how those actions are related to your business and how popular are your social media accounts.

Some things to be covered in this module include the fundamentals of content marketing, essentials of content marketing, strategizing and many more. The knowledge of planning and executing content marketing will drive your business forward. In the end, you’ll have the essential knowledge to break your way through the ever-growing digital world.

Content Management for different channels module is a step-by-step guide to create your brand’s social media presence and how to manage the respective content. This module begins with drafting the strategy of your brand, then outlining the persona of your brand and gives an ending touch by strategising content calendars and style guides.

The list of tools for content marketing is never-ending. Whether you are a mere beginner or been familiar with content marketing, this module will prove helpful to get most of your time and energy with various paid and free tools.

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Entrepreneurs can take maximum advantage of this course as social media platforms can be an interactive method of showcasing their products and services.

Working Professionals

This course is devised for all those people who aim to add extra weight and credibility to their resumes. Knowledge of social media marketing will act as a link to their audience directly.


Freelancers can see this course as an advantage as they can use various social media platforms as a portfolio where their target clients can reach them out immediately.

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