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PPC & SEM Marketing -

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PPC Advertising Certification Course

Become a Full-stack Digital marketer with our project-based learning program to gain real-world experience. Learn from our digital marketing expert who has grown with this Internet Age.

Course Description

Search Engine Marketing plays a key role in positioning your site online as well as with your online customers. The primary agenda of this online PPC training is paid reach and reaching your online customers. Starting from why ads to organizing campaigns, tracking ROI, all major topics will be covered. Search engine optimization is always a comprehensive topic, which is why it is covered in a separate course in more details.

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PPC & SEM Marketing Course Modules

Before starting out on pushing ads, you need to have the knowledge of keywords, its matching types, who see your ads etc. In this online PPC training module, you’ll be learning the basics with Google Adwords. Since Google AdWords uses keyword auction as the base for bidding, with this module, you’ll be understanding this process of bidding and setting up ads.

This is an important module in this course. Campaign creation can be tricky you don’t know the basics such as how to find what’s the quality score and how to improve it. Also, in this module, you’ll be learning about the management of a successful campaign.

When it comes to paid reach, ads are the way, obviously. Within your targetted budget, how to achieve the results you have aimed can be challenging. Thus, this module on Tracking ROI (return on investment) will teach you how to get the most out of your intended budget.

Campaigns are good, optimized search campaigns are even better. In this module, you’ll learn how to optimize your search campaigns with apt knowledge on multiple variables involved and make a successful search campaign.

Display advertising has several forms of online advertising such as banner ads, text ads and others. Display campaign creation module will guide you to make an excellent display campaign to reach your online customers.

Also known as retargeting, remarketing is one of the smart ways to get customers back into your site and getting them to buy your products/services. This module will teach you how to devise ad campaigns to target those customers who bounced off of your site.

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For whom this course is Applicable for



Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this course as with the help of search ads, they can reach the targetted audience in their intended budget.

Working Professionals

This course is devised for all those people who aim to add extra weight and credibility to their resumes as they will be possessing the knowledge of making a search ad extremely successful.


Freelancers can now get their dream clients on their websites to look into their work and, hopefully, convert them. This course is their pillar of getting their dream clients.

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Program Details -
Enrollment Open until 30th September –
The training Batch start from 01st October 2019

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

our instructor

vivek kumar

A full-stack Digital Marketing professional running a Digital Marketing Agency and Training Institute based out of Millennium City Gurgaon, India. He has worked with 100+ clients like Axis Bank, Godrej, Mediatek and Tata Chemicals across 8 different countries with advertising campaigns worth $10-30 million.

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To aid your learning process, you will be provided with various materials to facilitate your learning of PPC & SEM. This includes detailed course modules, notes and syllabus.

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